These are the different types of film that I've used over the years. Hopefully seeing the results of some of these films on railroad subjects will help you find a film that you like. I began shooting slide film in 1985 or so, primarily Kodachrome 64. Later, in about '89, I started mixing in K25 and even played with Velvia 50. Many of my photos taken in the 1995-98 were taken on aged K25, I had an arrangement to buy aged K25 from a camera store in Grand Rapids, MI., my home at the time. In the early 2000s as Kodachrome started getting more pricey and difficult to find, quality issues, and the discontinuance of K25 altogether, led me to change to Fuji film. Before I had used Fuji Provia 100 for backlit situations, I started to favor Provia for all my shooting situations, forever abandoning Kodachrome. In 2005, I stopped shooting film altogether. I don't miss it at all. Oh, sometimes I get sentimental and pull out those trusty old yellow boxes, but I've embraced digital photography completely.