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Here's a list of my favorite links to other photo websites, discussion groups, and other websites of interest. If you have a website link you would like added here, or note a broken link here, send it to me.
Excursion Trains
Trains and Travel Tours
Rail excursions worldwide.
Aaron C. Jors Photography
The fine photography of Aaron C. Jors, especially photos from the SE Wisconsin area.
Altoona Works Info
Focusing on locomotives built, rebuilt, and completed at Altoona, PA.
Appalachian Railroad Modeling
The website for prototype modelers of coal hauling railroads.
Badger Rails
Railfan photos focusing on Wisconsin by Noah Hofricher
Chasing Heavy Metal
The rail photography of Mike Matalis, and the story behind the photo.
Columbus Railroads
A history of Columbus, OH., railroading, especially focused on the 1950s.
Center for Railroad Photography & Art website
Specializing in professional rail videos
Fuzzys World
Mark "Fuzzy" Hintz of Milwaukee has set up a nice photo website and rail discussion forum, worth checking out
the vintage rail photograhy of John Dziobko, Jr.
Illinois Railway
unofficial Illinois Railway website
Iowa Chicago & Eastern RR
The unofficial site of the coolest RR in the heartland
Iowa Interstate Raiload
The unofficial IAIS site
Mid-Continent Railway
The home page for Mid-Continent Railway
Mike Yuhas
Mike Yuhas has set up a nice fan site where his photos are searchable by various criteria.
North Western Illinois Chapter NRHS webpage. I have been a member of this chapter and the NRHS national since the late 1980's.
Quad City Rails
Quad Cities railphotos and railfan guide from Erik Rasmussen
The premier railroad photo site on the web
Richard Leonard Rail Archive
An awesome collection of rail related photos from the 1950s with lots of steam and first gen diesels
For fans of classic ATSF signal systems which are rapidly being replaced by BNSF across the system
Shasta Rails
UP/SP and other Northern California RR photo gallery from the designer of this site, Ryan Wilkerson
Like shortlines? Check out this site.
Prototype Information
AAR radio
AAR guide to RR radio use
AAR symbols
answers.com lookup for AAR reporting marks
Amtak radio
riding somewhere on Amtrak? here are the frequencies used on various routes in the USA.
The official Amtrak website
the official BNSF corporate website
the official Belt Railway website
Chi. RR Junctions
Great tool if you want to railfan Chicagoland
the official CN website
the official CP Rail website
the official Chicago Southshore & South Bend RR website
the official CSX website
Dans Wigwag Site
Want to know more about the vanishing magnetic flagmen better known as wig-wags? There is a lot of great info here.
Depot Maps
Maps and photos of existing RR depots.
official EJ&E RR website
the official G&W family RR website
Want to know where your favorite heritage locomotive was last spotted? Check here.
the official Iowa Interstate RR website
the official IHB website
Indiana Rail Road Railfan Guide
A railfan guide to the Heartlands newest regional: the Indiana Rail Road
Indiana RR homepage
Kansas City Southern official website
Louisville & Indiana RR official website
the official Metra website
Niles Canyon Railway
Homepage for the heritage railway running through Niles Canyon between Sunol and the Niles district of Fremont in the East Bay of the San Francisco Bay area. Today it is registered as the Niles Canyon Transcontinental Railroad Historic District.
Niles Depot History
An interesting read on the history of the Niles depot, including it's restoration and preservation.
the official NS website
Operation Lifesaver official site
the official Paducah & Louisville RR website.
Q Station
One of the best web sources for Santa Fe (and BN/BNSF) info.
official corporate website for the family of Rail America lines
Railfire Photography
The rail photography of Jeff Hawkins
Web based live railroad radio communications
Rails In Virginia
A website dedicated to sharing photos, information, and history of the operations of railroads in the Commonwealth of Virginia by Jeff Hawkins.
The Diesel Shop
Home to motive power rosters.
the online companion to the Kalmbach group of publications
The official Union Pacific website
The official WSOR site
Railroad Discussion Forum
CNW list
CNW discussion list
IlliniRail list
Illinois RR discussion board
Intellicast Precip
Precipitation in the Heartland
Intellicast Radar
IR radar for the Heartland
Intellicast VR
Visible radar for the Heartland
Milwaukee Rd list
Yahoo Milwaukee Road discussion
A great web based RR discussion gallery & library
WisRail List
Yahoo Wisconin railroads discussion
WSOR rail list
Yahoo Wisconsin & Southern discussion
Websites using Railfan Website Administration Tool
Photos from around Northern California focusing on Roseville, Dunsmuir, Mount Shasta and McCloud.